is an extremely straightforward game with easy-to-understand controls. The main goal is to reach the first place overrunning other players. For that, there are dozens of tricks to fall back on. To fully realize and start using some of the strategies in practice, it’s better to play a few rounds and practice.

Soon, it’ll be clear that the game only seems to be easy and predictive. In reality, other players will try to achieve victory using all tricks available. The essential difference the app offers is that creating your own shortcuts is the only way to win.

Read the following guide to learn more about tips and tricks to achieve consistent victories in this hypercasual runner game. Always remember that your opponents, especially the more experienced ones, will try to use the same strategies. Don’t forget to keep an eye on what they do to get high scores.

The First Encounter With is a simple racing game with a noticeable difference from others of that kind. The player controls a faceless character in a track and field contest. The major task is to get to the finish line from a starting line. To achieve victory, master the main feature of the game – collecting floorboards and building your own path.

These little wood splinters are the only thing to help the player win the race and take 1st place. Once a match starts, dozens of them will be thrown around. Collect them as you move forward to the finish line. The path you run through isn’t always straight but curvy. This means it’s easy to fall down and get disqualified.

Focus on your primary goal and collect as many floorboards as you can to build your own way to victory. Don’t try to stock them up, as other players will try to use every piece of wood they find to overrun you. Take a shortcut every time you see an appropriate angle.

Remember that your character is always in motion. It’s only possible to turn it left or right. Use your touch screen or PC mouse to guide the direction of the racer all the way. Falling off the edges with no floorboards means getting disqualified. So, try to have at least a few of them to build a shortcut automatically every time you fall off the track.

Build Your Own Path

What makes so special in contrast to the games of that kind is the floorboard feature. The player can choose to follow the determined route or build a completely new one. For that, you just pick up wood splinters that are littered across the map. Your character does this automatically, as you keep moving forward.

The gathered wood planks will pile up over your character’s arms. However, it’s impossible to topple them over. Even if the amount is too great, your character never slows down and moves with the same speed.

Your opponents will try to overrun you and pick up floorboards as well. Don’t worry about that, as they spawn again after a few seconds. Sometimes, it’s better to stock up some floorboards to build a perfect shortcut. The appropriate angle to build one is a key to victory in most cases. Always strategize ahead where it’s better to make a turn, as it allows to save time and get to the finish line faster.

Choosing The Best Path

Remember to make a shortcut every time you see a long curved path. Your opponents will definitely try to make the same thing, but a player with a bigger number of floorboards usually wins.

When moving along the trace, the players can notice the small islands located a bit on the right or left off the main path. Stepping onto them gives your character a high jump boost to get an advantage over others.

Always work on your floorboarding skill, get creative, and use different shortcuts to achieve victories. Your character will make its best to leap forward and reach solid ground every time you run out of floorboards. gameplay

How To Get Extreme High Scores In

To become a winner, the player should finish first. No matter how many floorboards are left when your character crosses the finish line, the only thing matters is your placement. The better it is, the more coins are given as a reward after each round is over.

After taking first place, the player is granted 100 coins by default. However, there is always a chance to get more, as you can take part in a bonus round. This feature is only available for the winner. Ten more islands will appear, and each of them will have a corresponding multiplier. You can spend the leftovers of your floorboards to reach the furthest platform possible and multiply your coins.

For instance, the first placer gets to the x10 island, then the final sum will be 1,000 coins. The best strategy, if you have enough floorboards, is to run straight towards the furthest island. In this case, the player still gets the biggest multiplier even if other islands were left out.

Another nifty thing to do is to use the described below exploit. Some people might call this cheating, but this game is designed this way. So, don’t hesitate to use this trick to get an extreme amount of coins.

When taking first place, turn around and run back to pick up more wood planks. All other players will finish their race, but it doesn’t mean it’s the end of the round. Once you gathered enough planks to reach the x10 island, go back to the finish line and build a straight path to the dream platform.

More Ways To Surpass Your Opponents

Another nerve-wracking tactic is to use your opponents’ floorboards they put down along the track. Instead of spending your resources, save them up to build a shortcut that’ll bring you victory.

After all, spending the leftovers in a bonus round is also a good idea, as it increases your reward. It’s necessary to get more coins and customize your character. All the clothing items bought will inevitably boost your racer.

For example, buying a Wizard Hat allows the player to start with four boards each round. Getting yourself Pointy Shoes makes a character run faster. Read every item’s description to see what it does and build an unbeatable racer.