Minion Rush Brief Game Description

Minion Rush

Minion Rush is a mobile/PC action video game developed by GameLoft. It was released back in 2013 on iOS and Android devices first. The same year later, the app was ported to Kindle, BlackBerry, and Windows.

As can be guessed from the game’s name, it’s devoted to the Despicable Me franchise. The player starts each round by controlling a minion (e.g. Dave, Jerry, and others). The character has three lanes to run on with dozens of oncoming obstacles to dodge.

While running, the player has to collect bananas, coins, costume cards, and tokens. These are in-game currency necessary to buy colorful skins, various power-ups, and more. It’s also possible to get prizes depending on how far you can run.

Since the game is directly connected with the Despicable Me franchise, it tells the player about the film universe. There are tons of great locations to discover. Each of them is special and amazes the fans with exciting surroundings.

How To Play Minion Rush

Just like many other endless runner games, Minion Rush is dead simple and straightforward at first. Understanding the way controls work is a matter of a few seconds.

In order to avoid oncoming obstacles, the player swipes up, down, left, or right. The character then moves in a corresponding direction. Don’t forget to pick up all the prizes during your tremendous minion race.

Costumes, in comparison with available power-ups, don’t boost your character. Therefore, focus your attention on getting items that help run further (e.g. Banana Vacuum, PX-41 Serum, and many others).

Minion Rush gameplay

Scoring High In Minion Rush

Constant practice is the only way to master endless runner type games. However, here are some tips to help score high:

  • Use bananas to upgrade your power-ups;
  • Never spend tokens to revive the character;
  • Leave PX-41 Serum for especially tough challenges;
  • Don’t miss daily bonuses and rewards.

The main principle is to use power-ups wisely and in time. As the player progresses, it requires more in-game currency to upgrade what has been earned previously. After all, practicing to avoid deadly obstacles and concentrating is the main key to victory.