Video games come in all shapes and sizes and offer a huge variety of experiences. Typically, a specific title falls into a clearly defined category or genre. But occasionally, a product comes along that defies conventions in the best possible sense. is an online running simulator with unique mechanics designed for maximum entertainment value. Run through numerous levels and strive to cross the finish line first. React to the ever-changing layouts and always be on the lookout for a sleek shortcut. Collect special boards along the way and use them to bridge gaps between platforms. Find the most efficient route to outrun competitors and become the champion.

Speed and Cunning
Racing is typically associated with following a predetermined track without any deviation. In this case, however, the participants are encouraged to do the exact opposite. They have to think outside the box and find creative ways of covering the distance. But the ingenuity doesn’t end there. Newcomers can look forward to the following features:

  • Fun gameplay that rewards quick reaction times and fast decision making
  • Dozens of hand-crafted obstacle courses riddled with traps and branching paths
  • Crisp and colorful 3D graphics that contribute to the cheerful vibe
  • Cool progression system with countless customization options
  • Satisfying sound effects that enhance the atmosphere and provide additional auditory feedback

The process is refreshingly original and highly engaging. Every shortcut is a risk, but the reward is usually worth it. Cross deadly pitfalls to leave rivals far behind and watch their jaws drop.

How to Play

The goal is to reach the end of the stage before anyone else. The road is rather narrow and falling off leads to disqualification. Following its curves is tricky and ultimately futile. The characters are capable of building makeshift overpasses with special wooden planks scattered all around. Gather them in large quantities to run over water safely. Just be careful not to deplete all the resources before making to the other side. It is also a good idea to stock pile a respectable reserve. Spend it at the very end to unlock score multipliers for bonus points. Avoid spinning logs, swinging balls, and other contraptions. Step on jump pads to leap far ahead. Controls and Strategy Tips
Due to the casual playstyle, the basics are intuitive and easy to figure out. Mastering the necessary skills to win consistently, on the other hand, is much more challenging. The contestants run automatically without any assistance. The players have to steer them in the right direction. On desktop, click LMB and drag the cursor to turn and adjust the movement trajectory. On mobile, hold the finger on the screen and swipe left and right. There are a few tricks that beginners are usually not aware off:

  • Reuse the floorboards placed by other contestants instead of wasting your own
  • It is possible to turn around before finishing the race to obtain extra woodblocks
  • Getting to the x15 island does not require hitting all the previous ones

Put these pieces of advice into practice and progress much faster than before. Remember that practice makes perfect. Instead of getting discouraged by failures, learn from them and do better in the future. Top-quality multiplayer is hard to come by and tends to cost a lot. By contrast, is free, super exciting, and never boring. Breeze through the maps like a soaring eagle leaving opponents in the dust. Perform mind-blowing stunts to gain an advantage and make every shortcut count.